Featured Artist: Augustus Francis

Augustus Francis carries the lineage of a loose zen flavored American expressionism, born to painters Margaret Smith and the late Sam Francis, the celebrated Ab Ex giant. Like his forbears, Augustus’s work demonstrates a deeper interest in formal qualities of color, composition, and movement contrasting with the general thrust of his contemporaries. Yet, again like [...]

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Featured Artist: JonOne

  JonOne (previously John Andrew Perello; Jon156) is a graffiti artist who moved from a 1980’s tagging community in Harlem to a group of graffiti and contemporary artists squatting in an abandoned hospital in Paris. Through the tutelage of the late Anthony Clark (a.k.a. A-one) JonOne began to see his activities as art in an [...]

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POP Talks: Brandon Boyd – Transcending Mediums

In our POP Talks series, we go in-depth with feautured artists so you can learn more about their background, their process and their artwork. In this installment, we talk to artist and Incubus front man Brandon Boyd about his creative process across mediums—from his music to his visual art. WATCH MORE VIDEOS

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Featured Artist: Kenton Parker

Kenton Parker is an LA-based conceptual artist working across a variety of media including installation, video, painting, drawing, and photography. His work is often described as overtly masculine, but perhaps it is better to say that the imagery and environments that Parker builds invoke the characteristics of both genders as they might play out in [...]

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Featured Artist: Ysabel LeMay

Ysabel LeMay, Le Depart, 2012 Ysabel LeMay is an Austin-based artist crafting high saturation images of nature at its peak, its ripest, or rather, nature, but riper than it ever exists in our world. These hyper-collaged images of bursting blooms, birds frozen in mid-flight, and proud sentinel-like horses draw upon 15 years of experience in graphic [...]

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