le-departYsabel LeMay, Le Depart, 2012

Ysabel LeMay is an Austin-based artist crafting high saturation images of nature at its peak, its ripest, or rather, nature, but riper than it ever exists in our world. These hyper-collaged images of bursting blooms, birds frozen in mid-flight, and proud sentinel-like horses draw upon 15 years of experience in graphic design and marketing—the visual pull of the works is jarring. LeMay transmutes tropes of the advertising world into the most powerful elements of her art; sumptuous pile-ups of visual information, intense color and contrast, unreal levels of polish, cleanliness of line and shape, heavy vignetting, manipulated sense of gravity, and more than just a little sexual overtone, all work in tandem to produce the artist’s eye-catching, Bacchanalian collage.

oracularYsabel LeMay, Oracular, 2017

In the home, these visual revelries contrast with the grind and grit of daily life, and serve as both a temporary escape, and as a symbol—a constant reminder of the vivacious energy contained within the viewer, constrained and tamped down only by the unideal circumstances of current existence. LeMay’s works hint at the possibility of unleashing those internal founts, and at the expansive growth and magnetic exuberance that phenomenon would inevitably bring.

meet-me-thereYsabel LeMay, Meet Me There, 2015

LeMay’s art is exhibited widely and can be found in several prominent corporate and private collections. Her work netted the New York based KiptonArt Rising Award in 2011, and the position of representing Texas at the Women to Watch exhibition organized by the National Museum of Women in the Arts in 2015. More recently, LeMay’s work was exhibited prominently at Texas Contemporary Art Fair,  Expo Chicago, and the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.